Zoo Animals Keep Warm through Winter

"This is our indoor holding space for the giant tortoises, it's a winter holding. These animals are very susceptible to cold temperatures. It actually causes ... Read More »

PETA Calls for Mobile Zoo Investigation

PETA says it has obtained photographs that show tortoises at The Mobile Zoo confined to filthy glass tanks with no access to soil in which to burrow. "The Mobile ... Read More »

Couple publish children’s book for charities

Rainbow The Tortoise And His Pot Of Gold was written by Hazel Pattison, of Henley Road, who has been selling knitted tortoises coloured like rainbows with her ... Read More »

Video: Meet a perfect pair of pancake tortoises

This week we explore the rocky life of the peculiar pancake tortoise. ... Pancake tortoises are found around rocky outcrops on the plains of Kenya and Tanzania. Read More »

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