Two girls arrested in tortoise torture case

Authorities made two arrests in connection with an investigation into the torture of a gopher tortoise.A 15-and 18-year-old girl from face cruelty to ... Read More »

Tortoise Toys (for people, not tortoises)

Hi! My husband is an artist and he sculpts, moulds, casts and paints collectible resin toys. One of his newest is the "Sulcatank". We happen to have a... Read More »

Desert Tortoises Heading North

Over the summer, several dozen desert tortoises are being relocated to Northern Nevada from the Las Vegas area - where many have been displaced ... Read More »

Thank God we are not tortoises

The other week, the paper reported that an armed policeman came to believe that he was under attack from a tortoise, and retaliated. That is all there ... Read More »

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