2 Male Adult Leopard Tortoises for Rehoming

We have 2 African Leopard Tortoises in Great health for adoption fee of 700.00 Each tortoise weighs around 12 pounds. Eating only healthy leafy ... Read More »

Why do we need a World Turtle Day?

In an attempt to raise awareness on conservation of tortoise and turtles, and on illegal trafficking, May 23 is celebrated as World Turtle Day. We take a ... Read More »

The tortoise and the hare

The electrification of cars has been a long time coming, and is now in full swing whether you like it or not. The likes of Tesla have made huge inroads ... Read More »

Top ten facts about turtles

1. In the UK tortoises live on land, turtles live in the sea and terrapins live on both, but in the USA the word 'turtle' covers all types while Australians use ... Read More »

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