Go take a hike at Savannas Preserve State Park

Seen throughout the 5,000-acre park in St. Lucie and Martin counties, the tortoises will be marked with a unique identification number, never used in ... Read More »

Race to save gopher tortoises on Facebook Live

But can the gopher tortoise attract the same audience as the invasive python? Watch – but more importantly, listen – to the video below and decide for ... Read More »

Successful Tortoise Survey in South Africa

Rainforest Trust worked to support the conservation of 810 acres of habitat for the Critically Endangered Geometric Tortoise, South Africa's rarest ... Read More »

What we lose with the Northern Corridor

The county, BLM and other organizations met in the mid-1990s to solve the problem of pesky threatened tortoises living right where humans wanted to ... Read More »

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