Bitten tortoises rescued in Western Extension

The Benoni SPCA confiscated two tortoises that were bitten by a dog kept in the ... The tortoises, and the cross-German shepherd, were confiscated. Read More »

Explorer Interrupts Mating Tortoises

Peep This one out! A nice bedroom in a 4 bed 1 bathroom apartment within a short walking distance! Stainless steel appliances for your convenience, ... Read More »

Sulcata Tortoises

I have two 1 1/2 year old Sulcata tortoises. I find them very amusing, but my bride does not agree. I have some supplies that will go with them. Read More »

Did you lose this tortoise?

A tortoise was found last autumn and kept over the winter by the folks who found him. They figured, because he was found in a rural area where there ... Read More »

Put your shirt on the tortoise, not the hare

Nick Wheeler sells hundreds of millions of pounds' worth of smart men's shirts every year, but when is enough enough? Certainly not the £173 million ... Read More »

Russian tortoises

Two male Russian tortoises. Comes with tank, water dish and heat lamp. $100. Read More »


I have a beautiful baby and young healthy and lovely tortoises ;leopards, sucalta, red food,Russian Need to rehoming,the fee will be apply for good ... Read More »

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