Sulcata tortoises

Large sulcata. Need large outdoor area. Very nice. At beginning breeding age, or very close. Believe they are males, but might have a couple females. Read More »

Male Tortoises Mysteriously Stop Boning

In 2008, 570 threatened desert tortoises were translocated — moved from their homes at the Fort Irwin Army National Training Center to a different ... Read More »

Noccalula Falls celebrates World Turtle Day

Children were introduced to Goldie, an African Spurred Tortoise. Donated in 2010, Goldie weighed only 3 pounds when she arrived at Noccalula Falls ... Read More »

Teacher, reptile krewe form exotic business

Iggy the partially paralyzed iguana, Nagini the four-year-old red tail boa constrictor and Amadeus the 100-pound tortoise are superstars in Barry ... Read More »

Troubles for turtles and tortoises

The trafficking of freshwater turtles (and tortoises) via South-East Asia has been a longstanding problem to meet the persistent demand for exotic pets. Read More »

Sulcata Tortoises – pets

I have two Sulcata tortoises that will be 2 in June. They will come with a 3ft by 3ft wooden cage, lights and food. Keep in mind I bought these guys as ... Read More »

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