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2 juvenile Russian tortoises

I have 2 juvenile Russian tortoises for sale. They come with a 40 gallon tank with top soil, 1/2 bag of reptile bark, full bottle of tortious diet food, a hide ... Read More »

Handmade Garden Tortoises

Lovely handmade concrete tortoises, can be painted to your choice of colour ,, glitter shells can be. Read More »

(african spur) Tortoises

Female 1: 22 diameter, 8 years old. Female 2: 16 13 years old, she is a proven breeder and has been bred (can lay fertile eggs for up to 4 years.) Read More »


The Marine Corps has relocated more than 900 tortoises from a section of Southern California's Mojave Desert to allow for largescale military training. Read More »

Some 1900 tortoises seized in Benghazi

As many as 1,870 Kleinmann's tortoises were seized in the Sidi Khalifa area of Benghazi by anti-smuggling forces today. It is claimed that the ... Read More »

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