Monthly Archives: July 2016

red foot tortoises

Pair of Red Foot Tortoises male and female. Been mating all summer. $400 for the pair. Read More »

2 lg tortoises

2 large tortoises. had them from babys, now about 80 lb each. one walkes up stairs.moveing small rehomeing fee each. Read More »

Homes for the shell-bound

Chloe the Yorkshire terrier studies a Redfoot turtle in the Misiaks' tortoise oasis back yard, with her canine companions and owner Jim Misiak in the ... Read More »

Tortoises Available for Adoption!

The San Diego Turtle and Tortoise Society is a Registered 501 (c)3 non-profit organization operated by volunteers since 1971. As the largest Turtle ... Read More »

Tortoises and bladder stones

Tortoises are prone to developing bladder stones. In the desert, it is hard for tortoises to find water; dehydration is a contributing factor. Their diet also ... Read More »

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