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Sulcata tortoises

I have two lovely sulcata tortoises Both right around a year old (approx. 6 inches long) Lively and friendly Assumed at this time to be females (Sulcata ... Read More »

Adult Sulcata Tortoises

30+ male sulcata $150 and a 19 male sulcata/$200. Also have 7, 3 year old for $60 each. Read More »

Breeding pair of Russian tortoises

Hi, I have a breeding pair of Russian tortoises I need to rehome they eat romain lettuce, carrots kale, greens good stuff they are healthy and active the ... Read More »

Meet the Tortoises, residents of the Monterey Zoo

The family of reptiles, Testudinidae, includes tortoises, turtles and terrapins. Those three terms, however, are not scientific ones and their usage varies ... Read More »

Pet Talk: Pet trade troubles

However, non-domestic animals, including certain species of snakes and tortoises, do not make great additions to households despite being included ... Read More »

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