Monthly Archives: March 2015

Tortoise Gets Special New Shell

Golden, CO (CNN) - A tortoise is enjoying a new lease on life thanks to a 3D ... "There's not a company that manufactures parts for tortoises," says Nico ... Read More »

Is this the slowest wild animal chase ever?

Fortunately for expedition leader Paul Rose, the animal in question was a giant tortoise - and what ensued was potentially the slowest chase ever ... Read More »

Tortoise Given New Shell Thanks to 3D Printing

By Seth G. MacyA leopard tortoise named Cleopatra is wearing a prosthetic shell thanks to 3D printing technology. Cleopatra's shell suffers from a ... Read More »

Tortoise gets new shell from 3-D printer

“There's not a company that manufactures parts for tortoises,” Nico Novelli of Canyon Critters Rescue said. “Sometimes, especially if they are sick or ... Read More »

Leopard tortoise gets 3D-printed shell

Cleopatra the tortoise tries on her plastic 3D printed shell. The shell is kept in its place using a velcro strap. A pet shop owner says the tortoise was ... Read More »

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