Monthly Archives: May 2014

So excited! Native tortoises

The property where we get all our native cactus to sell is run over with texas tortoises and gopher tortoises!! Each time we have gone out we have ... Read More »

Wanted: Galopy II

Toledoans of a certain age fondly remember Galopy, a Galapagos tortoise who resided at the zoo from the early 1950s until 1983. Instead of having to ... Read More »

Bid to smuggle star tortoises foiled

An attempt to smuggle star tortoises by train to Surat, Gujarat, was foiled by officials of the Wildlife Crime Control Bureau (WLCCB), Southern Region, ... Read More »

Bids for Bonita Dog Park come in over budget

Craig Schmittler searches a gopher tortoise burrow in a Bonita Springs vacant lot on May 8. About a half-dozen tortoises are being relocated to make ... Read More »

In investing, tortoises often beat the hares

In investing, tortoises often beat the hares. PHOENIX -- They often aren't the sexiest companies, but dividend-paying stocks often perform better over ... Read More »

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