Redfoot tortoises for trade for Box turtles

I have adult 9 inch male red foots I would like to trade for adult female Box turtles and other tortoise species. Tell me what you have with pictures iam ... Read More »

Sulcata Tortoise For Sale

Enormous Male Sulcata tortoise up for adoption. Rehoming fee applies. 30 years old. He is not picky and eats all sorts of veggies, pellets and hay. Read More »

Redfoot Tortoises

1 year old female great shell Had get whole life 4 year old male, extra scute and some pyramiding only had a year Asking $100 per tortoise or $200 ... Read More »

Sulcatta Tortoises

2016 Sulcatta Tortoises I have a small group, all are doing great feeding on variety of dark leafy greens, veggies, and mazuri Tortoise Chow. Adoption ... Read More »

Hilda’s buried treasures, the gophers.

But these tortoises have the luck of being Hilda's hidden treasure and when the weather warms that's when we'll “go for it to” see the gophers out there ... Read More »

baby redfoot tortoises for sale!!

We are offering 3 baby red foot tortoises bred and born in the back yard here in Miami. They are absolutely beautiful and doing great, eating plenty of ... Read More »

A Blue-Painted Tortoise Found In Florida

Florida wildlife officials took to social media to demonstrate the harm spray painting a tortoise causes after finding a blue-painted tortoise in ... Read More »

Found: A Spray-Painted Electric Blue Tortoise

In Florida, the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission received a call about a very unusual creature—an electric blue tortoise. This guy wasn't ... Read More »

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